Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) Professional Development Session


This half day event is intended to educate early career attendees in a large group didactic setting about relevant career develop­ment topics that lead to successful scientific careers in cancer immunotherapy and provide an opportunity to network with leaders in the field.
Intended Audience

The audience for this educational program includes graduate, medical, and postbaccalaureate students; clinical fellows; post­doctoral fellows; assistant professors; and other early career professionals.


- Getting a Grant: Career Development Awards
- Managing The Lab/Preparing For Tenure
- Career Panel: Academia, Industry, Government


- Enhance approaches to obtaining external funding including grant types, grant writing and preparation, with a focus on preparing National Institutes of Health K series of grants.
- Understand how to develop and manage a productive labora­tory, including recruiting strong graduate students and post­doctoral fellows, and preparing for the tenure review process.
- Explore career options in academia, industry, and govern­ment available to scientists interested in cancer immunother­apy.


Upon completion of this program, early career scientists will be able to:

- Discuss approaches to prepare for their first K award.
- List strategies to find strong graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.
- Define how to orga­nize a research portfolio to prepare for the tenure process.
- Describe career opportunities available specifically in cancer immunotherapy in academia, industry, and government.

+ show speakers and program
Ana Anderson, PhD
Harvard Medical School

Lisa H. Butterfield, PhD
University of Pittsburgh

Christian Capitini, MD
University of Wisconsin

Shari Pilon-Thomas, PhD
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research

Raj K. Puri, MD, PhD
US Food and Drug Administration, CBER

William Redmond, PhD
Earle A. Chiles Research Institute

Amy Wesa, PhD
Celsense, Inc

24 Oct - 24 Oct 2012

North Bethesda, MD
United States of America
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