Course Biomedical Research Techniques XI

PhD students (and others) often experience that not all expertise for biomedical techniques or assays they need to perform for their research project is readily available in their department. The organization of the Postgraduate school offers the wonderful opportunity to exchange this expertise. Therefore, the course ‘Biomedical Research Techniques’ is organized to create an overview of techniques routinely used in the various departments. This course is issued the 11th time after the big success of the previous ones. A lecture about ethics of research is scheduled as well. This course is also part of the Research MSc Infection & Immunity.

Site visits: planned on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Please register during the course. There are limited places available (15/group).

Scheduled: October 22-26, 2011. Monday & Tuesday from 11.15/ 13.00 until 17.00; Wednesday, Thursday & Friday full day.

The program is organized according to a logical order in 5 steps: DNA, RNA, Proteome, Cell, Tissue and Organ.
This implies the following program in 5 days:
Day 1: primers and probes, sequencing, SNP-analysis, methylation
Day 2: RNA, RNA expression arrays, RT PCR, siRNA, data & text mining
Day 3: site visit DNA/RNA labs; ultrasound; proteomes, mass spectrometry
Day 4: site visit proteome labs; ELISA, cytotoxicity, flow cytometry & phage antibody display
Day 5: Applied Molecular Imaging: MRI, CT, Nuclear, Optical in vivo; Microscopy: Quantitative confocal microscopy, 4 Pi microscope, FRET, FRAP & computer modeling

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22 Oct - 26 Oct 2012

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