Chasing Cancer Stem-like Cells

During this event we will examine what constitutes a stem cell, and the current scientific evidence for and against the existence of cancer stem-like cells. We will explore how the cancer stem cell theory challenges the clonal evolution model of cancer, and what role cancer stem-like cells might play in cancer initiation, relapse and progression. How preclinical models and studies can help us to understand more about these putative cells in different cancer types will be considered. Whether the identification and characterisation of cancer stem-like cells provides novel opportunities to selectively target this population of cells for the development of more effective therapeutic strategies will be discussed. Through the meeting we want to facilitate discussion and debate on the identity and potential relevance of putative cancer stem-cell like cells in the cancer field. Do cancer stem-like cells really exist ? What is the evidence for and against ? How can we study and exploit these evasive cells for therapeutic benefit ? Please come along to the meeting to present your work and have your say. A full programme can be found below.
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Wednesday PM
Lunch available from 12.30pm

13.50 Welcome, house-keeping and Introduction by Professor Sue Burchill, Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine, Leeds, UK

Session 1: Stem cells.
Chair: Peter Andrews (Centre for Stem Cell Biology, Sheffield, UK)

14.00 Professor Peter Andrews, Centre for Stem Cell Biology, Sheffield, UK
Culture adaptation of human ES cells: oncogenesis in vitro

14.35 Dr Veronique Azuara, Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College,
London, UK
Title to be confirmed

15.10 Pro offered paper
DNA hypermethylation in prostate cancer is a consequence of aberrant
Davide Pellacani1, Dimitra Kestoras1, Alastair P. Droop1, Katherine M. Wilson1, Euan S. Polson1, Stefanie Hager2, Fiona M. Frame1, Paul A. Berry1, Michael J. Stower3, Matthew S. Simms4, Vincent M. Mann4, Anne T. Collins1, Norman J. Maitland1

15.30 Tea and Coffee

Session 2: The evidence for and against cancer stem-like cells.
Chair: Professor Bob Brown (Imperial College, London, UK)

16.00 Dr Dominique Bonnet, London Research Institute, London, UK
Title to be confirmed

16.35 Professor Alan Clarke, Cardiff School of Biosciences, Cardiff, UK
Title to be confirmed

17.10 Pro offered paper
Dynamic regulation of cell markers in human breast cancer cell lines
Gemma Sharp†, Amel Saadi†, Carlos Caldas, John Stingl

Evening: Welcome drinks reception and buffet in hotel
Thursday AM

Session 3: Isolation and characterisation of putative cancer stem-like cells.
Chair: Sue Burchill (Leeds Institute for Molecular Medicine, Leeds, UK)

08.30 Professor Jerry Shay, UT Southwestern Medical Centre, Dallas USA
Will telomerase inhibitors target cancer stem cells

09.05 Dr John Stingl, Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Research Institute, Cambridge, UK
Mammary stem and progenitor cells: Understanding the cellular context of breast cancer

09.40 Pro offered paper
Isolation and characterisation of putative cancer-initiating cells (CICs) from the Ewing’s Sarcoma family of tumours (ESFT)
Liddle DE, Roundhill EA, Berry AM, Shaw LA, Burchill SA

10.00 Tea and Coffee

Session 4: Adaptation and plasticity of putative cancer stem-like cells
Chair: Dr Valerie Speirs (Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine, Leeds, UK)
10.30 Dr Gudmundur Vignir Helgason Paul O’Gorman Leukaemia Research Centre, Institute of Cancer Sciences, University of Glasgow
The role of drug-induced autophagy in CML

11.05 Dr Gillian Farnie, Cancer Stem Cell Research, Paterson Institute for Cancer,
Manchester, UK
Title to be confirmed

11.40 Pro offered paper
Hypoxic Response in Breast Cancer Stem Cells is Sub-type Dependent
Hannah Harrison1, Lynsey Rogerson1, Hannah J Gregson1, Keith Brennan2, Robert B Clarke3 and Göran Landberg1

12.00 to 14.00 Lunch posters and commercial exhibition

Thursday PM

Session 5: Poster discussion session (and selected abstracts)

15.30 Tea and coffee

Session 6: Models and applications
Chair: Professor Jerry Shay (UT Southwestern Medical Centre, Dallas, USA)

16.00 Dr Christian Unger, Centre for Stem Cell Biology, Sheffield, UK
Cellular reprogramming and iPS cells

16.35 Dr Matt Smalley, University of Cardiff, UK
The utility – or otherwise – of mouse models in cancer stem cell research

17.10 Pro offered paper
The role of iron levels in intestinal tumourigenesis
Sorina Radulescu1, Rachel Ridgway2, Chris Tselepis1 and Owen Sansom2

Evening: Conference dinner in hotel

Friday AM

Session 7: Targeting putative cancer stem-like cells or stem-like behaviour for therapeutic benefit
Chair: Dr Anne Collins (Yorkshire Cancer Research Unit, York, UK)

09.00 Professor Norman Maitland, Yorkshire Cancer Research Unit, York, UK
Biology-driven treatment for prostate cancer stem cells

09.35 Dr Calvin Harley, Telome Health Inc, CA, USA
What does the telome tell us about cancer risk, prognosis and drug response

10.10 Pro offered paper
Prostate epithelial stem cells sustain fewer lethal double-strand breaks due to a quiescent cell cycle status and increased heterochromatin, resulting in radioresistance
Fiona M. Frame, Davide Pellacani, Anne T. Collins, Michael J. Stower, Matthew S. Simms, Vincent M. Mann, Robert G. Bristow, Mark Meuth and Norman J.Maitland

10.30 Pro offered paper
The cancer chemopreventive agent curcumin targets stem-like cells in human colorectal cancer and premalignant adenomas
Ankur Karmokar, Lynne M. Howells, Hong Cai, Baljit Singh, Muhammad
Imran Aslam, Kevin West, Angus McGregor, William P. Steward, Andreas Gescher, Karen Brown.

10.50 Tea and Coffee

11.30 The case for and against cancer stem-like cells revisited.
Panel discussion session with Professor Bob Brown, Professor Jerry Shay and Professor Sue Burchill

12.30. Close of meeting; pack up lunch to take away.

12 Sep - 14 Sep 2012
United Kingdom
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