Chromosome segregation and aneuploidy

The workshop aims to bring together researchers from around the world that wish to understand the mechanisms of chromosome segregation and the consequences of errors in this process for development and diseases such as cancer.

The sessions of the Workshop discuss the various molecular mechanisms of cell division, and their malfunction, in both somatic cells and in meiotic systems, and have a strong focus on understanding the contribution of aneuploidy to tumorigenesis.

Traditionally the meeting has brought together top scientists from the fields of basic mitosis and meiosis research as well as leading mutagenesis and cancer scientists.

Abstract submission and its acceptance by the selection committee is a prerequisite for the Workshop attendance.

We hope to welcome you in Breukelen in 2013!
+ show speakers and program
Angelika Amon MIT, USA
Holger Bastians UMC Göttingen, Germany
Yves Barral ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Monica Bettencourt-Dias Gulbenkian Institute for Science, Portugal
Sue Biggins FHCRC, USA
Iain Cheeseman Whitehead Institute, USA
Duane Compton Dartmouth Medical School, USA
Francesca Degrassi National Research Council, Italy
Jennifer DeLuca Colorado State University, USA
Jan van Deursen Mayo Clinic, USA
Stephan Duensing University of Heidelberg, Germany
Bill Earnshaw Univ. of Edinburgh, UK
Ursula Eichenlaub-Ritter Univ. of Bielefeld, Germany
Hironori Funabiki Rockefeller University, USA
Kevin Hardwick Univ. of Edinburgh, UK
Silke Hauf

FML Tübingen, Germany
Christer Höög

Karolinska Institute
Rolf Jessberger Dresden University of Technology, Germany
Ana Losada CNIO, Spain
Helder Maiato IBMC, Portugal
Marcos Malumbres CNIO, Spain
René Medema NKI, The Netherlands
David Morgan UCSF, USA
Andrea Musacchio MPI Dortmund, Germany
David Pellman Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA
Jonathon Pines Gurdon Institute, UK
Jordan Raff University of Oxford, UK
Rocio Sotillo EMBL, Italy
Claudio Sunkel IBMC, Portugal
Stephen Taylor University of Manchester, UK
Frank Uhlmann London Research Institute, UK
Isabella Vernos CRG, Spain
Katja Wassmann LBD, France
Beth Weaver University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

22 Jun - 26 Jun 2013

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